Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Night

In the quiet aftermath of Christmas, after the family has gone, the wrapping paper gathered in the recycle bin, with the delicious smells of turkey and apple pie still wafting through our nostrils, we find the silence.  It was there under the hub bub all day, but we didn't really have a chance to listen. Listening now... the space between the breath.. the beating of the heart.

We begin to remember what the day was about, what it was for, who it was for, why we rushed around all month preparing for this one day.  So many stories have passed my way in the last few days, tales of remarkable joy and unbearable sadness. A 7 year old girl losing her battle with cancer.. a family surprised by the gift of a son returning home from the military for Christmas... an unexpected heart attack claiming the life of a loved one... the highs and lows surrounding us make me feel humbled and grateful for my many, many blessings.  My daughter home from college, our new yoga studio, a lovely Christmas Eve worship, the promise of things to come.

In our practices: Yoga, Reiki, SoulCollage, we learn to become present, we learn to accept what is, without trying to control it, to feel, to watch, to allow. We feel the joy, we feel the sorrow, but we realize that none of it is lasting, all things shall pass. We can't hold on to the joy any more than we can eliminate sorrow, they are both parts of life that teach us many things that we couldn't learn any other way. This is the paradox. We learn through adversity, many times the same adversity we seek so desperately to avoid.

Yoga teaches us to treasure the moment, to feel the stretch, feel the calmness that comes when you bring those shoulders down and release the hips.  It shows that us that when things are uncomfortable, sometimes a small adjustment can bring relief.  Reiki gives us a chance to connect to something greater than we, lets us open to Spirit, releasing long held blocks and stagnation.  SoulCollage teaches us to put the monkey mind aside and let images speak the words we need to hear to let our subconscious talk, helping point us in the right direction.  All of these tools bring us to the same place... silence. The quiet within.  Christmas night.

It is our fondest hope that you get a chance to find this quiet.  Today and everyday.
Peace be with you.

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