Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Practice makes Peaceful

Last night at yoga I was the student while Ann was the teacher.  This is the absolute best thing about having a partner.  The snow was softly falling, when we laid down in relaxation we could see it through the tops of the big windows.  It felt like it was gently shimmering right down on us. It was hard to close my eyes and go within with such beauty all around.

We are on our second week of this new adventure.  In many ways, it feels as if it has always been.  A Reiki/Yogi friend of mine told me yesterday that she is so thrilled that we have accomplished our dreams without making our students uncomfortable with the thought of change. Change is scary.  Necessary, but scary.  Finding solutions to accommodate the need for change while minimizing fear is a great goal.  It's hard to accomplish great things while you are terrified. Not impossible, but it's easier when you can take a deep breath or two now and then. And speaking of breath...

As much as I love teaching yoga, I have to admit that doing yoga is better.  Or perhaps a better statement would be that finding a balance between teaching and doing is sublime.  I get to feed my need to share... and my need to breathe.  Ahhh, the breathing! When you teach, you sort of have to talk through the breath so the class understands, "Inhale.... Exhale".  When you are quietly holding a pose, focusing on the breath, riding the wave between expansion and relaxing... ahhh.  I love watching a student experiencing the beauty of a pose combined with a deep breath, seeing their shoulders suddenly melt and their feet spreading out on the ground as they sink deeper and deeper into the comfort of the pose.  There is nothing like total focus on the task at hand.

We are thrilled with the turnout for the classes.  I am so happy to see so many of my "old" yogis returning and reaffirming their commitment to their practice, and by doing so, their health.  I am delighted to meet so many new folk-- it's astonishing how many live right around the church, and hence, right in my neighborhood.  I've lived in my home for 27 years and rarely have met the people on my block... and yet here they are, enjoying Yoga... trying out Reiki... what an unexpected gift.  We are blessed with the opportunity to form a community.  A community based on seeking wellness, seeking kindness and laughter, what a joy!

See you soon :)

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