Sunday, January 23, 2011

First SoulCollage® Reading

Some things are better experienced than explained.  I was reminded of that yesterday at my first full SoulCollage® workshop

I have been on the fringes of SoulCollage® for a few years now, hearing Linda and others talk about this artistic self-exploration program.  I even built a card and came close to witnessing a reading, but was too busy and had to step away.

At yesterday's workshop, I was caught off guard by how revealing it was.

So let me back up.  SoulCollage® is an on-going program where participants create collages on big cards, using pictures from magazines or personal photos. Participating artists create cards that have a uniting theme that is sometime apparent to anyone, and sometimes more ambiguous.  As with the images in a tarot card deck, the interpretation of each card is in the eye of the beholder and is unique to the present circumstances.  The cards eventually sort themselves into four suits. (For more on the suits, read here.)

I had fun creating cards, letting my creativity have a chance to come out and play.  I admired the cards of the collagers who had built sizeable decks.  I was soothed in the meditation portion of the afternoon.  But the time came to read the cards and I was skeptical since I had to use someone else's cards.  How personal could it be using cards created for personal use by another person?

My skepticism was squelched by a reading that was almost too authentic to discuss, my emotions welling up to make speaking a bit tricky.  But the artists around the table were patient, allowing me to collect myself and share what I saw.  They were familiar with these encounters and how emotionally revealing they could be.

Here is a picture of my reading, although I can't convey the intensity of the moment with my words.  But I invite you to experience it yourself.  You will learn more about yourself than you thought you could. 

And I will never look at a magazine the same way again!

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